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Location: North Broomhill, Northumberland, United Kingdom

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I really don't get this, i planted 32 runner bean seeds in the beginning of june and nothing happened at all for months until now, one seed(god only know's whats happened to the other 31)has grown like wild fire in the past month and its got beans on it. i had given up hope but here we are a little success.... not sure how much longer it'll live with the cold weather on the way but who knows i might get enough beans to go with the old sunday lunch.

All this rain has done the leeks the world of good(not long till broth now) i've impressed myself loads as some of my leeks are bigger and in better shape that some of the leeks that were grown in pollytunnels and entered in the local leek and veg show that was held in the working mens club next door at the begining of last month. I'm going to have a crack at the show next year and give them a good run for the money(he says) with outdoor grown veg the good old fashioned way. I also wonder if its true that the leeks grow better with short daylight hours as one of the old boys was telling me this week?

The weather has gladly allowed me the grace of being able to get the side i had planted turned over today(and god am glad i got it done today because its well and truly p*****g it down outside). Just need it to dry out alittle to be able to turn over and weed the greenhouse side of the lottie and then i'm going to get bthe manure spread on top to leave over the winter.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pimp My Barrow lol........ Well her indoors thinks i've too much time on my hands and maybe she's a point. The barrow was given to me by one of the old boys on the alloments, it needed a little tlc (okay may be not quite this much but hey its given a few people a chuckle) so managed to pick up a newish wheel off ebay and then it all started when i had a clean out in the shed and found some old paint. maybe i should send it to mtv for a new version of pimp my ride allotment edition lol.

Well just turned over the heap and i'm really amazed how well its rotting down, i've been told to use something called garotter(well think thats how its spelt) but haven't used it. I wanted it to rot down its self and i pleased its going aswell as it is. should have a good supply of compost next year at this rate.

well what a performance moving the shed from the new alloment to here at lottie number 1, but its up sound and well bolted down. Its not the biggest or best shed but i only need this for a tool store(for the moment) with my alloment being less that 200yrds from my back door(lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it). Now i can get from building to gardening again weather permiting that is

A good morning's work here lifting these from the back garden to lottie number 1, these 3ft by 2ft by 3inch slab were collected from a friends mum this week, she was going to skip them. These with give the metal shed a really gud strong base.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here is the second lottie i've taken on, its not been touched since last christmas roughly, is got plenty of weeds in it but shouldn't take long to clear with a bit of graft. The metal shed came free with the lottie but its going to be moved this weekend to my other lottie as i've a bigger shed to go in here so that i can have some quials(i think thats how its spelt) in with a run of course. I've also a 16ft by 6ft metal greenhouse to go in here so next year should be a bumper year.... watch out hugh of river cottage fame i'm on ya heels lol well i guess we'd all like to think that way anyhow.........

well i was going to get this well rotted manure spread today but the weathers put a stop to that, which his why i'm writing here and not in the lottie. It's been lying here for a good two months so its should do the job. I did get the weeds attacked before the rain came but still a bit more to do so get back on top of them.......

At last i'm up to date with the blog got the greenhouse nearly finshed , just needs one more lick of paint and the builds complete then just the inside to do. I brought the greenhouse as a wreck and over the last four weeks i've modified it and repaired/rebuilt most of. Well worth the effort but i have to say the weeds have taken over and today they will regret growing i'm going to have my revenge.........................

I connected myself to the allotments water supply in the middle of june and bloody hell what a task took me a whole weekend, the nearest connetion was 50 metres away, can you imgine digging a trench 3ft deep by 50metres long...... its bloody cheap to only £5 a year........

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Here are the first plants that were planted in my allotment, ten sweetcorn plants... they were the first as there one of my favorite foods... i'm sorry to say they didn't quite ripen not sure if it was me or the weather, but will be trying again next year........ watch this space for more this week

Here we are this photo was taken 8weeks after i took on the allotment, roughly the begining of June, here i have two rows of cabbages, four rows of radish's, seven rows of potatoes, two rows of carrots(got attacked by something called carrot fly which i new very little of being new to this, now this has changed and i'm ready for the little buggers next year) i planted thirty-two runner beans but i'm sad to say only one has come up and has been very slow, i think i planted them alittle to late.... so i felt really pleased at what i achieved in 8weeks

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Right here we are welcome to my first ever blog............ this is the alloment i took on in May of this year... It hadn't been touched in over 18month so as ya can see it was full of some very deep rooted weeds, the photo was taken after i'd had the alloment for around a week. The gap up near the houses on the photo was a fence but it was well rotten so i ripped it down and it was replaced as you will see in later photos.